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LIC as a Career
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Why LIC Agency
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Career as a LIC Agent
Why Insurance agency as a career and why it is supreme amongst of all careers?
  • Its the only career where you can write your own pay cheque
  • It constantly improves your skills, public speaking skills, human relation skills,
  • It enhances your attitude
  • Makes you meet all kinds of people.
  • Helps you to set high standards of behavior and performance.
  • It helps you to achieve your dreams goals and ambitions in your life.
  • It gives you tremendous personal power
What is the Job Description of a Insurance Agent ?
  • Meet Targets.
  • Sales Generation Activities.
  • Ensure complete Customer Satisfaction.
  • Regular customer Care calls.
  • Update on completion activities.
  • Daily Weekly monthly reporting of activities.
  • Discipline and compliance.
What I Have to Invest ?
  • Your Valuable Time and Energy.
  • Your Goodwill.
What is my Earning ?
  • Earnings will be directly proportionate to your smart work,
What I will get other than my commission ?
  • LIC offers various club memberships through which number of facilities are provided to Insurance Agent.
What other activities can I do ?
  • Can work as an financial consultant and advisor.
  • Can do all financial Super shoppy.
Why with LIC only ?
  • The only organisation from 1956.
  • Number ONE amongst INDIA’s TOP 500 companies on the basis of Net Worth  ( Rs.15,47,951 million )
    lNumber TWO on the basis of Income  ( Rs.4,47,296 million ).
  • Largest network all over country and abroad.
  • LIFE FUND of Rs.366000 crores.
  • Returns assured by Government Of India.
  • Supports all 5 year Plans.
Why to join with Sachin Wagh only ?
  • Last 5 years working as Development Officer. Recruiter and trainer.
  • Basic training activities, excellent product knowledge, selling techniques
  • Monthly, Quarterly & Yearly Meetings, Seminars, Workshops.
  • Continuous flow of information via letters Emails, SMS updation.
  • Continuous & permanent training facilities.
What id Required to take LIC agency ?
  • Your willingness.
  • Xerox of 10th 12th certificate
What type of pre recruitment training is there ?
  • Basic training is if 100 hrs can be taken in a classroom or even online.
How will you get support from me ?
  • I will give you seven days rigorous training after your passing you exams.
  • Educational CD's Audio cassettes, Books.
  • Rapport building skills.
What should you have ?
  • Preferably Own Vehicle. (Optional)
  • A Phone.
  • A personal computer / A Laptop with Internet connection. (Optional )
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